About MailWizz and our awesome team


Early 2013, we started working on what it would become an awesome project, MailWizz.
At that time, we were looking for a very small, self-hosted email marketing software.
We wanted basic functionality, which would allow us to use it for our customers and their needs. Our customers did not want to get locked into an external email marketing software.
Our searches have found a few viable self-hosted email marketing systems. After much testing and inspection, none of them met our standards, they all had various issues. Bad documentation, bad ui/ux or coding standards, and the list can go on.
This was a problem for us because we couldn't give guarantees to our customers for any of these platforms. So we took the decision to start working on a platform which we would use for our purposes only.
By the end of 2013, in November, we had a basic product which worked fine for our needs. It was a great moment. The product was so good that people seemed interested to use it more and more. This is when we decided to make it public and sell it.
With a public project, our new customers started to ask for new features. And we listen to our customers. Adding feature after feature, in the end lead us to the full featured product we have today.



A lot of the current email marketing services will do everything to get you locked to their platform. And to their pricing structure.
We want to offer a decent alternative to these services and we will always work towards this goal.



We know that doing email marketing can become very expensive very fast. You don't have to break the bank to get a decent working email marketing software.
Our goal is to always pack MailWizz will all the possible features but also keep an affordable price.



We do our best to make MailWizz even better by often releasing new updates. You can rest assured that we do our best so you can get a stable and always working email marketing software.


We are a small but very passionate team
Serban George Cristian's picture

Serban George Cristian

Software Developer

Joined in 2013, Serban is the lead developer for MailWizz.

Ghimes Cosmin's picture

Ghimes Cosmin

Software Developer / QA

Cosmin joined the team in 2018 as a software developer.

Zorila Laurentiu's picture

Zorila Laurentiu

Support / QA

Laur joined the team in 2018 doing support and QA.

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