AWeber holds its ground as a dependable email marketing tool, providing businesses with essential features for communication and engagement. Its user-friendly interface and straightforward functionalities make it a sound choice, particularly for beginners in email marketing.

However, like any tool, AWeber is not without its shortcomings. The interface, while generally user-friendly, has a steep learning curve for some, particularly when first getting started with the software. And uploading images? You’ll likely need to retry a couple of times.

AWeber's templates and email editor offer a good range of options and are user-friendly. Still, they might not satisfy users looking for the most contemporary designs. Fortunately, there are a host of alternatives out there similar to AWeber but without the headaches.

1. MailWizz

MailWizz sefl-hosted email marketing software

With support for any SMTP server, MailWizz provides flexibility in email delivery. The platform ensures GDPR compliance and offers a pleasing user interface for an intuitive experience.

MailWizz is going the extra mile with Email marketing; here are just a few of our impressive software features:

MailWizz Main Features

  • Suitable for high-volume senders: Thinking big? MailWizz does too. High-volume sending capabilities mean it’s not just for startups; big campaigns, here you come!
  • Toolbox galore: SPF record generator, DKIM checker, DMARC lookup; MailWizz is your Swiss army knife for email. Need to check blacklists or MX records? It’s got your back.
  • Affordable and feature-packed: Venturing into newsletters? MailWizz is your pocket-friendly buddy. With a once-off fee, regular updates, and a plethora of advanced features – it’s got the whole package.
  • AI assistant: Oh, did we mention the integrated AI assistant extension? It’s similar to having your own virtual email campaign coach, helping you craft the best newsletters.
  • Accurate metrics and tracking: No more guessing games. MailWizz spills the beans on open rates, clicks, IP locations, and all the customer data. And the best part? You get a slick dashboard to keep an eye on all your metrics.
  • Delivery servers: You can create as many delivery servers as you want. Want to use the big names or your own SMTP servers? MailWizz says, “Sure, why not both?”
  • Landing pages: Use our drag-and-drop builder to create awesome landing pages in just a few minutes. Revisions, variations, tracking, and predefined pages are all included.
  • Customized email templates: Easily create a variety of email templates, even without design experience. Additionally, you have the flexibility to choose from multiple email template builders, including Basic, GrapesJS, Stripo, and more, to find the one that best suits your needs.


Now, let’s talk money. MailWizz won’t hit you with monthly subscriptions. The regular license is a once-off fee of 65$, suitable for personal use. The extended license is 275$, suitable for business use. And guess what? The business deal lets you use it as a Software-as-a-service (SaaS). Talk about a win-win!

Why Choose MailWizz over AWeber?

MailWizz outshines Aweber in cost efficiency, versatility, and support. Whether you’re a solo sender or running a business empire, MailWizz adapts, making it a savvy choice for budget-conscious marketers seeking robust features and seamless integration.

Managing unlimited subscribers? Piece of cake. Plus, it plays nice with big names like Amazon SES, Mailgun, and, yes, Aweber too. The real kicker? A one-time fee, no subscription fuss.

And get this: you can customize it any way you want. Features galore and an AI assistant to bring out your marketing genius. Whether you’re sending occasional newsletters or ruling the email game, MailWizz is your go-to.

Would you like to check it out? Here’s a more detailed breakdown of all of MailWizz's features.

2. Mailchimp

Mailchimp’s homepage with email marketing and automation tools

Mailchimp, which is among the most well-known email marketing tools, is your all-in-one solution for reaching your audience. It simplifies the email campaign process with easy-to-use templates and drag-and-drop design tools.

From small businesses to large enterprises, it accommodates all, offering features like audience segmentation, analytics and A/B testing.

Keep in mind that Mailchimp isn’t just about emails; it also supports social media management and ad campaigns. It also offers SMS marketing to its customers depending on the pricing plan.

Mailchimp Main Features

  • Drag-and-drop design: With Mailchimp’s drag-and-drop design, you can easily move elements around, customize your content, and create visually appealing landing pages without any technical fuss.
  • Modern templates: Mailchimp offers a diverse collection of email templates. No need to stress about design; just pick a template that suits your brand and you’re ready to create stunning emails effortlessly.
  • Audience segmentation: Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all emails. Mailchimp lets you segment your audience, sending personalized content to different groups.
  • Advanced analytics: Wondering how your emails are performing? Gain valuable insights into your email performance with Mailchimp’s analytics tools. Track open rates, clicks, and audience locations to refine your email strategies.
  • Social media integration: It’s not just about emails; Mailchimp’s your social media wingman too. Connect, share, and manage it all from one spot.


Mailchimp pricing starts with a free plan. I mean, who doesn’t love a freebie? The free plan is perfect for starters. Dip your toes in, send some emails, and see how it feels – no strings attached.

As you amp up your email game, there’s the Essentials plan starting at $6.50 per month. This tier unlocks more features like custom branding and A/B testing.

Moving up? The standard plan, at $10 per month, adds some firepower with advanced analytics and more automation options.

For the heavy hitters, the premium plan kicks in at $175 per month. It’s the full package, offering advanced features, phone support, unlimited web push notifications, and all the bells and whistles.

Why Choose Mailchimp over Aweber?

Mailchimp takes the lead over AWeber with its user-friendly interface, which makes creating amazing emails super easy. Plus, they throw in a free plan to get you started without dipping into your pockets. Aweber, on the other hand, might feel a bit traditional.

But the real magic? This Aweber alternative goes beyond emails, bringing social media and social media ads into the mix. It’s a one-stop shop for all your marketing needs. So, if you’re into modern, creative, and budget-friendly, Mailchimp is your go-to.

3. Brevo (formerly SendInBlue)

Screenshot of Brevo CRM Suite’s homepage

Imagine having an email marketing software and CRM companion that grows with your business – that’s Brevo. It’s an all-in-one marketing toolkit for companies of all sizes.

With features like multi-channel marketing, real-time chat, and transactional emails, Brevo helps you engage customers effortlessly. It’s also one of the few email marketing tools that charges per email, not per subscriber, offering flexibility.

Brevo Main Features

  • Advanced Automation workflows: Brevo’s automation game is on point. Set up triggered campaigns based on what you want – contact data, email engagement, web behaviour, or even ecommerce activity.
  • Insightful reports: Dive into your campaign performance with Brevo’s reports. Whether it’s a click-map, geo-tracking, or Google Analytics integration, you get the insights you need.
  • Advanced form features: Signup forms aren’t just forms; they’re advanced tools designed with you in mind. You choose lists, enable Captcha for security and even pre-fill fields with your data


Brevo offers pricing plans tailored to fit your needs. It begins with a feature-packed free plan, including unlimited subscribers and 9,000 daily emails. As you grow, choose from paid plans starting at $25/month, offering unlimited subscribers and up to 20000 emails.

Brevo's pricing continues with increments based on your email usage. The $35 plan includes 40,000 emails, the $49 plan covers 60,000 emails, and the $69 plan extends to 100,000 emails.

Why Choose Brevo over AWeber?

Aweber vs Brevo? Brevo takes the lead over Aweber with its innovative per-email pricing, ensuring you pay only for what you use. Enjoy a seamless email-building experience with a user-friendly interface and advanced personalization.

Brevo’s pros include powerful automation with workflow testing, versatile email types, dynamic list management, and advanced registration forms.

4. ConvertKit

ConvertKit’s homepage with email marketing and automation tools

ConvertKit is a marketing automation software designed for creators, bloggers, and online entrepreneurs. It focuses on simplicity and automation, allowing users to easily manage their email lists, create personalized emails, and automate marketing campaigns.

Convertkit Main Features

  • Subscriber-centric automation: Convertkit emphasizes automation designed for content creators, allowing personalized and subscriber-centric workflows.
  • Segmentation and tagging: Want to talk to specific groups? Convertkit’s got segmentation and tagging – your audience, your rules.
  • Customizable forms: Create appealing and effective forms to capture leads with ConvertKit's customizable form builder, facilitating seamless integration into your website or landing pages.


Convertkit keeps it simple with pricing that aligns with your growth. Starting at $15 per month for up to 300 contacts, it scales with your subscriber account – $29 for 1000 subscribers, $49 for 3000 subscribers, and $79 for 5000 contacts. All plans offer unlimited landing pages and forms.

The freemium plan is perfect for those under 1000 subscribers, offering basic automation. For creators aiming higher, there’s the Creator Pro plan, bringing advanced reporting, subscriber scoring, and even Facebook custom audiences into the mix.

Why Choose Convertkit over AWeber?

ConvertKit shines with intuitive features crafted for creators. Unlike Aweber, it offers subscriber-centric automation, making communication personalized and efficient.

ConvertKit's segmentation and tagging provide precise audience targeting, ensuring your message reaches the right inboxes. With customizable forms and a creator-focused interface, ConvertKit simplifies the email marketing journey.

5. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign’s homepage with email marketing, marketing automation, and CRM tools

Activecampaign is a robust marketing automation platform that offers a comprehensive set of tools to enhance your marketing strategies.

With Activecampaign, you can craft engaging and personalized emails, design intricate automation sequences, automate sales processes, and efficiently manage customer relationships through CRM integration.

Activecampaign Main Features

  • Lead scoring: Think of lead scoring as giving your leads a rating based on how much they’re vibing with your brand. Focus on the ones who are super interested and ready to take the next step. Adjust the scoring rules to fit your business goals perfectly.
  • CRM integration: Keep everything in sync – Customer data, interactions, and all the notes you and your team add. Teamwork makes the dream work, especially when your marketing, sales, and support teams are all on the same page.
  • Machine learning insights: Get ready for some high-tech insights that predict what your customers might do next. Use those insights to make smart decisions about your campaigns.


Let’s talk money! So, Activecampaign’s lite plan kicks off at $29 a month and there’s a plus plan for $49 monthly.

Now, if you’re serious about this marketing game, the professional plan at $149 per month might be your sweet spot – it’s a popular choice. And for the big players out there, the enterprise plan at $259 per month is the top-tier deal.

Why Choose Activecampaign over AWeber?

Activecampaign trumps Aweber with its versatile suite, extending beyond email marketing to automation, sales, and CRM integration.

Its lead scoring and machine learning bring precision to engagement. Notably, the pricing structure, encompassing 250,000 contacts with limitless monthly sends, offers scalability.

So, Which One Should You Go With?

Laptop displaying colorful charts and a tablet showing a calendar Source: Pexels

Congratulations on reaching this point!

Now armed with newfound insights, apply them wisely in selecting the ideal software for your business requirements. Recognize the uniqueness of each user; what suits one might not fit another. We advise a thorough comparison of benefits and features to pinpoint your essential needs.

If the choice still seems daunting, try MailWizz, a distinctive self-hosted email delivery system catering to both novices and experts. See the demo version of MailWizz here.

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