MailWizz has taken a significant step forward to meet the diverse needs of its users.
Responding to valuable customer feedback, MailWizz has reimplemented its email template creation process.
Now, users can enjoy a range of options beyond the traditional drag and drop builder.
With the integration of GrapesJS, an open-source email builder, and Stripo, a popular premium builder, MailWizz opens the door to enhanced email marketing possibilities.

Previously, MailWizz offered a basic drag and drop email builder for creating email templates.
However, some customers found this approach too limiting and encountered issues with certain email clients.
In response, MailWizz has developed a remarkable framework that supports multiple email builders, giving users the freedom to choose the one that best suits their needs.

With the framework in place, MailWizz now introduces two powerful email builders - GrapesJS and Stripo.
GrapesJS is an open-source builder that empowers users with intuitive drag and drop functionalities, allowing for easy email template customization.
On the other hand, Stripo, a renowned premium builder, offers a wealth of features and pre-designed blocks, enabling businesses to create stunning email templates effortlessly.

The integration of GrapesJS and Stripo is just the beginning of MailWizz's commitment to customer satisfaction.
By building a flexible and expandable framework, MailWizz ensures that users will have access to even more email builders in the future.
This forward-looking approach promises to keep users at the forefront of email marketing innovation.

MailWizz's dedication to providing an exceptional user experience shines through its efforts to revamp the email template creation process.
By offering multiple email builders, including GrapesJS and Stripo, MailWizz enables businesses to design engaging and responsive email templates tailored to their audience.

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