GMass is a popular mail merge tool for Gmail users. It essentially turns the popular email delivery service into a platform for cold email outreach. However, you might be curious if there are GMass alternatives that provide better features at a similar or cheaper price.

You may also want to find an alternative to GMass with better send limits and customer service. This guide will review four of the best GMass alternatives that will boost engagement in your cold emails. We’ll also discuss some of their key features, pricing, and more to help you choose the best email marketing tool for your growing business.

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1. MailWizz

Self-hosted email marketing software

MailWizz Main Features

Self-hosted Email Marketing Tool

MailWizz is a self-hosted platform, which means you’ll have more control over your campaign’s email infrastructure. You can customize various email servers for bounce and complaint management. MailWizz also offers users complete control over their data stored in the platform, making it an ideal tool for multiple businesses that value data privacy.

Robust Email Marketing Features

MailWizz has an intuitive campaign dashboard, which lets you manage multiple campaigns, monitor campaign performance, and check detailed reports on key email metrics, such as opens, click-through rates, bounces, and more. You can create email templates through its drag-and-drop editor and send unlimited personalized emails through your desired SMTP provider. The platform also has tools for email scheduling and mass mailing, which allows you to send bulk emails to multiple recipients.

Responsive Customer Support

Unlike mainstream email marketing platforms, MailWizz has a responsive technical support team that considers its consumers’ voices. This means you can reach out to them for feature requests and changes, and they will likely be implemented. They will also provide technical assistance on software issues, help with third-party assets, and version updates.


MailWizz price plans

MailWizz offers the following one-time licensing fees:

  • Regular – The Regular plan costs $79 and is ideal for marketing professionals and small businesses. It offers unlimited access to all email campaign tools, including multiple drag-and-drop builders, email templates, integration support, contact management, and built-in extensions. It also comes with free six-month support and features for team management and bulk email campaigns.
  • Extended - The Extended plan costs $275 and is great for businesses that intend to use MailWizz as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform. It includes everything from Regular, plus tools for order management and e-commerce features.

Why Choose MailWizz over GMass

Unlike GMass, MailWizz has more diverse features for managing email marketing campaigns and is self-hosted, which grants you more freedom and control over your data. MailWizz is more cost-efficient due to its one-time licensing fee; extensions (e.g., backup managers and email list cleaning services) are also included in any paid plan. Its support team is also more receptive than others in most email marketing software.

2. Yesware

Yesware suit page

Yesware Main Features

Powerful Sales Engagement Platform

Yesware is a popular alternative to GMass due to its diverse feature set for sales engagement. It has tools for email tracking, appointment scheduling, and integrations with third-party tools and email service providers, allowing multi-platform engagement with potential leads. Yesware is also an effective tool for mass mailing and has robust automation features.

Multi-channel Outreach Tools

Yesware lets you reach your target audience by setting up a multi-touch campaign with the following touch types: automated emails, manual emails, phone call reminders, custom touches, and LinkedIn InMails. Using its tools, you can personalize emails to have better deliverability. You can also automate follow-ups for email clients who didn’t reply to your first outreach.

Gmail Extension

Yesware has a Google Chrome extension that directly integrates into your Gmail account. The tool tracks emails in your Gmail inbox and gives insights to improve your cold email outreach. It can also notify you about significant activity on one of your cold emails (e.g., a lead opens an email or clicks a link inside), allowing you to send a personalized follow-up mail.


Yesware price plans.

Yesware offers these paid plans (they offer discounts for annual payments):

  • Free – Yesware’s free version includes access to its basic email tracking features, attachment tracking, and other engagement metrics. The free plan offers 10 monthly campaign recipients and basic email support.
  • Pro - The Pro plan starts at $19 monthly and is ideal for small businesses. It offers everything from Free, plus unlimited email tracking, email and phone support, and access to multiple engagement reports.
  • Premium - The Premium plan costs $45 per month and is recommended for growing businesses. It includes everything from Pro, plus unlimited email campaigns, team assignments, team reporting features, and priority support.
  • Enterprise - The Enterprise plan starts at $85 per month and is ideal for sales teams that want access to Salesforce CRM on the platform. It includes everything from Premium, plus Salesforce integration, real-time activity sync, and contact management tools.
  • Custom Plan - Yesware offers a custom plan for enterprises with specific needs. It includes everything from Enterprise, plus pay-by-invoice payments, security and legal review to your account, Salesforce customization tools, RingCentral integration, and a dedicated customer success manager.

Why Choose Yesware over GMass

Yesware offers more tools and is a more budget-friendly email marketing and sales engagement solution. They offer tools like engagement reports, a meeting scheduler, Salesforce CRM integration, etc. Its multi-platform outreach tools allow you to engage more with targeted audiences and secure more deals.

Cons of Yesware

Unlike other cold outreach tools, Yesware doesn’t have a warmup feature, which is essential to avoid having your emails labeled as spam. It also lacks email testing features, such as A/B testing and email verification. Also, to use the Salesforce integration, you need to subscribe to their Enterprise plan (which costs $165 monthly), which can be expensive.

3. Mailshake

Mailshake suit page

Mailshake Main Features

Robust Lead Generation and Management Tools

Mailshake’s Lead Catcher provides a streamlined way of gaining and managing leads. You can classify a lead or assign them to your team and move on to the next lead so you won’t miss engagements. Their email finder also helps you find and filter prospects, allowing you to fill your pipeline with lead information and automate your cold outreach.

Mail Merge Features

One of Mailshake’s primary features is Mail Merge, which enables you to simultaneously send customized emails to an entire group of contacts. You can either add contacts to an email campaign individually or upload a spreadsheet of all your targeted recipients. The platform also allows you to schedule your emails and follow-ups at a specific time to drive more engagement.

Diverse Third-party Integration Support

Mailshake supports integrations with various platforms for scheduling, CRM, and sales automation. Some of its notable integrations include Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive, and Calendly. You can also easily connect your Google Workspace accounts to the platform to simplify your workflow


Mailshake price plans page.

Mailshake has the following paid plans:

  • Starter – The Starter plan costs $29 monthly and is great for small sales teams. It includes 1,500 email sends monthly and basic email outreach features, like automated email sequences, A/B testing, and unlimited email warmup. You can also mail accounts from any email provider.
  • Email Outreach - The Email Outreach plan starts at $59 monthly and is ideal for growing businesses. It has everything from Starter, including advanced tools for outbound email campaigns, like email personalization, scheduling and throttling, and more. You can also access Mailshake’s browser extension and multiple third-party integrations.
  • Sales Engagement - The Sales Engagement plan costs $99 monthly and is recommended for businesses needing multi-platform outreach tools. It includes everything from Email Outreach, plus sales features like the phone dialer, custom task creation, and LinkedIn automation. You’ll also have priority support.

Why Choose Mailshake over GMass

Compared to GMass, Mailshake has tools for multi-platform outreach, allowing you to engage with leads via emails, cold calls, and on socials like LinkedIn. Its email editor is more intuitive and has AI writing tools (SHAKEspeare). The platform also has more features for lead management.

Cons of Mailshake

As a sales and mail merge platform, Mailshake has a few drawbacks, such as its expensive pricing plans and deliverability issues with bulk emailing. The platform has no free plan, and its Data Finder is priced separately from its email outreach tools. Mailshake also has limited daily send limits on emails and LinkedIn.

4. Mailmeteor

Mailmeteor - email marketing for gmail

Mailmeteor Main Features

Powerful Mail Merge Tools

Mailmeteor is a powerful mail merge tool for Gmail that allows you to send personalized mass emails to multiple contacts. It lets you preview and check for mistakes before your email campaign is sent. The tool also requires minimal permissions to your Google account, making it a safe outreach tool.

Contact Segmentation Features

Mailmeteor has tools that allow you to segment your mailing lists on Google Sheets based on specific conditions. This lets you send targeted campaigns to certain recipients or follow-ups to contacts who had minimal engagement with your emails.

Real-time Email Tracking

The platform lets you track engagements on your emails in real-time through a tracking report containing basic email metrics like opens, clicks, bounces, replies, etc. These reports can easily be shared and accessed by your sales team.


Mailmeteor price plans page.

Mailmeteor offers these paid plans:

  • Premium – The Premium plan costs $9.99 monthly and is recommended for small businesses and marketing teams. It includes unlimited contacts, 15,000 monthly email sends, and email tracking tools. Mailmeteor offers this tier as a free plan for students and educators.
  • Pro - The Pro plan costs $24.99 per month and is ideal for growing businesses. It includes everything from Premium, plus 45,000 monthly email sends, sequencing and automated follow-ups, bounces and replies detection, and unlimited email validation.
  • Business - The Business plan starts at $49 monthly and is excellent for companies needing advanced email outreach tools. It includes everything from Pro, plus 60,000 monthly email sends, unlimited aliases, Zapier integration, and priority email support.

Why Choose Mailmeteor over GMass

Mailmeteor is a solid alternative to GMass due to its more robust contact management features and eye-catching email templates. While both mail merge services are relatively expensive, you can save more with Mailmeteor. The platform also offers free premium subscriptions if you qualify for their education program.

Cons of Mailmeteor

Mailmeteor doesn’t support SMTP sending, so you must follow Gmail or Google Workspace sending limits (500 and 2,000, respectively). Its free version lacks features and doesn’t include tools for setting up mail merge campaigns and adding attachments. The platform is also expensive compared to other cold email software.


GMass is a simple yet robust cold outreach tool for Gmail. It lets you send mass emails directly from the email platform and has tools like A/B testing and SMTP integration. However, it isn’t a full-fledged mail merge tool and has limited capabilities compared to other cold email software.

If you want an efficient email outreach platform with sales and multi-channel features, you can consider Yesware and Mailshake. Mailmeteor is also an excellent GMass alternative if you want robust contact management features and integrations.

However, if you want a full-fledged cold outreach software with diverse features, you can pick MailWizz. It’s self-hosted and contains all the essential email marketing features you’ll need for campaigns at a one-time licensing fee.

Curious how MailWizz compares against GMass? Check out our core features now and see how our platform effectively helps drive more engagement to your email campaigns.

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