Great news for MailWizz users! The platform has enhanced its functionality by introducing a dynamic two-way integration feature with Zapier, a move set to upgrade your email marketing efforts significantly. If you're wondering what this all means and how it benefits you, we're here to break it down in simple, easy-to-understand terms. Let's explore the integration between MailWizz and Zapier!

What Does Two-Way Integration Mean?

Think of two-way integration as a conversation where MailWizz and any app from Zapier's extensive library can exchange information seamlessly. This means that changes or updates in MailWizz can be automatically reflected in the chosen app and vice versa, setting a stage for automatic, effortless synchronization.

What’s in Store with the MailWizz-Zapier Integration?

Picture this: you update a subscriber’s information in MailWizz, and this data automatically updates in your favorite CRM, or even a project management app, without lifting a finger. That’s the power of this integration. Here is what you can achieve:

  • Data Sync: You can send data from MailWizz to other apps, ensuring in-time data-flow and uniformity across platforms.
  • Two-way Communication: While the primary flow is from MailWizz to other apps, you can also funnel data from other apps back to MailWizz, keeping all platforms synchronized.

In short, your favorite Zapier app can now seamlessly talk to MailWizz and keep things updated automatically.

Why You Should Be Excited

Here’s why every MailWizz user should be smiling right now:

  • Simplicity: The integration makes data sync for your email lists simple.
  • Accuracy: Say goodbye to manual errors, as the two-way sync ensures data accuracy across platforms.
  • Efficiency: Save those precious hours by letting the integration automatically handle data updates for you.

Getting Started

Beginning with this integration is straightforward. Create a bridge between MailWizz and Zapier with the help of your Zapier account and MailWizz API URL and Key, define your triggers and actions, and witness the magic of automation unfold as your platforms begin communicating effortlessly.


The MailWizz and Zapier integration is not just an update; it's an upgrade to your email marketing toolkit. Say hello to a world of streamlined operations, where MailWizz not only communicates effectively with a range of apps but also ensures that your marketing strategies are always a step ahead with in-time data updates. It’s time to embrace the future of email marketing with open arms.

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