Hosted MailWizz

If you do not want to host and managed MailWizz yourself, we have a solution for you

Hosted MailWizz Service

We are delighted to bring to you a fully hosted, fully managed, no headaches, no fuss MailWizz platform by partnering up with Jonah and Associates (JA). They have been running MailWizz even since its initiation and have helped 100s of clients run scalable MailWizz platforms. To date, they helped send over a billion emails from customers across the world. This is ideal if you are looking for a platform that scales to your sending that you have complete control over. You will retain full control and administrator privileges while letting the JA team take care of the rest. In addition, JA enables you to send highly successful email marketing campaigns with the MailWizz software you love and trust.

Here's what JA hosted MailWizz service offers

No-fuss Sign Up

Quickly sign up by inputting your valid MailWizz license along with your email and desired password. Then, let the team take care of the rest. First, they ensure your platform is set up correctly and ready to go. Then, you can log in and start sending as you usually would.

Top-Notch Support

Not only will you receive our excellent support but you will also have access to more immediate support from the team at JA. They provide live chat and phone support so you can reach out to them to resolve any incidents swiftly. They also monitor your platform's availability 24x7x365.

Setup and Configuration

Their team consists of experts in the installation and configuration of a wide range of software. Whether it's your SPF/DKIM or IP reputation or feedback loop server setup, they are there to help ensure high email deliverability. You don't have to worry about a thing.

Email Marketing Expertise

If your goal is to land in the inbox, the JA team can help you with that. They have helped 100s of businesses with their struggles to deliver to inbox. Their email deliverability team consists of experts in helping you implement best practices and list hygiene to achieve high email engagement rates.

High Availability Setup

They understand that when your MailWizz platform goes down, so does your business since all your tracking links stop working too. So they set up a highly powerful installation in the cloud to ensure all services are fault-tolerant and well backed up, so your marketing platform stays up.

Regular Server Updates

Security is critical, especially when you are holding your most valuable data like your customer details. This is why the team at JA ensure their servers are regularly patched and scanned for any security vulnerabilities. This ensures your data is encrypted and stays safe with you.

Security Configuration

Another aspect of ensuring data safety is via the configuration of secure network policies and firewalls. In addition, JA ensures your data is kept safe by encrypting the location where your information is stored in line with the best practices in the industry so your business stays safe.

Free CDN

They offer free, fast, and global CDN for all your content delivery, so your users experience quick content loading. In addition, the CDN service helps your content be delivered from the site closest to your visitor - currently, the CDN service in use is in more than 200 locations worldwide.

Custom Extensions

Does your business have a customised workflow to make it tie in perfectly with MailWizz offerings? Then JA team can take care of those needs for you by offering a customised extension development that ties into MailWizz specifically to your business needs and requirements.

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Note: Jonah and Associates (JA) is an IT solutions provider based in Australia and New Zealand.
They are an external company and are NOT part of MailWizz or its ventures.
They are a separate entity, and this is a joint marketing venture between our two companies.

Service F.A.Qs

Is this a service provided by MailWizz?
No. This service is provided to you by Jonah and Associates (JA).
All your interactions will be with them, they are an external company and are NOT part of MailWizz or its ventures.
Do I still need to buy a MailWizz license?
Yes. Absolutely.
We would prefer if you purchase it directly from the MailWizz website through Envato Marketplace. If you do not have a license, we can buy MailWizz license on your behalf and install the platform for you. Either way, you need MailWizz license for any platform we host or operate. Alternatively, you can bring in your existing license and apply for a domain change from the MailWizz site. Their automated system will be able to do this for you in a matter of seconds, and we are good to go.
How will I get support once I buy this service?
All the support related to this service will be offered by Jonah and Associates (JA).
I still have some questions, where can I find answers?
Please feel free to get in touch with the Jonah and Associates (JA) team directly via their contact page.
You can also find out more information about their offering on their service page.

Do you have more questions?

We're here to help, please contact us and we will do our best to answer your questions as soon as possible.