Learn how MailWizz can integrate with ElasticEmail to deliver your emails.

How To Integrate MailWizz + ElasticEmail

When using ElasticEmail with MailWizz, you can use the regular SMTP interface to connect and deliver your emails, or you can use the ElasticEmail API integration, or both. We recommend using the API integration, not only because it will be faster than SMTP, but MailWizz will register a webhook where ElasticEmail will send any event that occurs for your account. As a result, it will allow for automatic, real time bounce and complaints processing.

MailWizz integrates with many providers so you can get free email marketing.

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ElasticEmail FAQS

What is ElasticEmail?
ElasticEmail is an email marketing and delivery platform that can help user send their emails at an affordable rate.

What Features Does ElasticEmail Offer?
ElasticEmail's features list consists of detailed activity tracking, geolocation tracking, and dedicated IPs that allow users to create a good sender reputation.

How Can I Connect To ElasticEmail?
ElasticEmail offers both regular SMTP access and API integration on their platform to send emails. API is the much faster method to deliver emails and can be used by 3rd-party email marketing software, such as MailWizz.

Is ElasticEmail Expensive?
ElasticEmail's pricing plans structure is very simple. They offer two plans: Email API which gives users the ability to send 1,000 emails for just $0.10 plus $0.50/day, while Email API Pro enables users to send 1,000 emails with extra features for $0.12 plus an additional $1.00 per day.

How Our Customers Utilize ElasticEmail

I've been using the MailWizz-ElasticEmail integration for several months now, and I'm impressed with its reliability and performance. ElasticEmail's powerful email sending infrastructure combined with MailWizz's easy-to-use platform makes it easy for me to send personalized email campaigns to my subscribers.

- David Nguyen, Content Creator.

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