Learn how MailWizz can integrate with MailGun to deliver your emails.

How To Integrate MailWizz + MailGun

Create and send emails through MailWizz for both SMTP and API connections with MailGun. We advise using the MailGun API integration, if possible, because delivery is much faster. Alongside quicker speeds, when using the Mailgun's API integration, MailWizz will register a webhook endpoint with MailGun which will automatically process all the bounces and complaints created by your campaigns in real time.

MailWizz integrates with many providers so you can get free email marketing.

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MailWizz + MailGun Tutorial

We have created a step-by-step tutorial in order to show you how simple it is to connect MailGun and MailWizz for email delivery, it just takes a few minutes to get started.

MailGun FAQS

What is MailGun?
MailGun is an email delivery service built for developers. Their platform is excellent for 3rd-party integrations like MailWizz, and even though they advertise themselves as being targeted to developers, their web interface is very intuitive so it’s very simple for anyone to use the platform.

What Features Does MailGun Offer?
MailGun's feature list includes email validation and dedicated IP addresses to build a solid sender reputation.

How Can I Connect To MailGun?
MailGun offers regular SMTP connections and also API integrations for 3rd-party email marketing software like MailWizz.

Is MailGun Expensive?
MailGun's "pay as you go" price plan is well suited for those whose sending volume varies from month to month. For the first 3 months users receive 5,000 free emails per month. Additional price plans include 50,000 emails for $35/mo, 100,000 emails for $80/mo, or 100,000 emails with extra features for $90/mo. Depending on the price plan you select, you get more days for log retention, email validation, dedicated IP addresses, live phone support, and instant chat support.

How Our Customers Utilize MailGun

MailWizz's integration with MailGun is a real game-changer! As an e-commerce business owner, I rely on MailWizz to send transactional emails and promotional campaigns. MailGun's delivery rates are impressive and the real-time analytics allow me to make data-driven decisions to optimize my campaigns for maximum ROI.

- Emily Wong, E-commerce Business Owner.

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