Learn how MailWizz can integrate with PepiPost to deliver your emails.

How To Integrate MailWizz + PepiPost

Send lightning fast emails by integrating MailWizz with PepiPost. The platform supports both SMTP and API connections, however we recommend using the API integration to achieve faster email delivery. Additionally, when using PepiPost API with MailWizz, we can process bounces and complaints automatically in real time.

MailWizz integrates with many providers so you can get free email marketing.

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PepiPost FAQS

What is PepiPost?
PepiPost is a transactional email delivery platform that offers a variety of features for developers and enterprises.

What Features Does PepiPost Offer?
PepiPost features include artificial intelligence, real-time reports, webhooks, bounce forwarding, and dedicated IP for building your sender reputation.

How Can I Connect To PepiPost?
With PepiPost, you can deliver your emails using regular SMTP, but also they offer a very powerful API system which is much faster.

Is PepiPost Expensive?
PepiPost's pricing structure offers 30,000 emails free for the first 30 days, then 100/day free, forever. Additionally, they offer 150,000 emails for $17.50/mo and 400,000 emails for $59.50/mo. Currently, their most popular plan is 600,000 emails for $101.50/mo. Of course, other price plans are available as well, just check out their pricing page.

How Our Customers Utilize PepiPost

I highly recommend the MailWizz-Pepipost integration for any email marketer looking for a reliable and cost-effective email sending solution. Pepipost's advanced features, such as AI-powered delivery optimization and real-time engagement tracking, combined with MailWizz's user-friendly platform make it easy for me to send engaging email campaigns.

- Jessica Lee, Email Marketing Specialist.

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