Learn how MailWizz can integrate with SparkPost to deliver your emails.

How To Integrate MailWizz + SparkPost

Deliver emails efficiently by integrating SparkPost with MailWizz. Both the regular SMTP delivery server or the extremely fast API integration are available to use. When SparkPost API is utilized with MailWizz, we will register a webhook endpoint with SparkPost which will receive all the bounces and complaints from your campaigns while also processing them automatically in real time.

MailWizz integrates with many providers so you can get free email marketing.

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MailWizz + SparkPost Tutorial

To help get you started, we have created a very detailed tutorial which shows how easy it is to connect SparkPost API with MailWizz. It only takes a few minutes to complete the setup.

SparkPost FAQS

What is SparkPost?
SparkPost is one of the leading email delivery platforms, with over 37% of B2B and B2C emails going through their platform.

What Features Does SparkPost Offer?
Along with better deliverability, superior reliability, and a great SLA, SparkPost features include dedicated IP addresses that allow for building a strong sender reputation and detailed analytics and metrics.

How Can I Connect To SparkPost?
SparkPost offers both regular SMTP access and API integration on their platform to send emails. The very powerful API can be used by 3rd-party email marketing software, like MailWizz, to connect and deliver your emails at much faster speeds.

Is SparkPost Expensive?
SparkPost's current pricing plan page are very affordable. Starting at $20/mo, users can send 50,000 emails and receive access to features, such as spam trap monitoring, custom webhooks, and online support. Of course, larger plans are available depending on your sender needs.

How Our Customers Utilize SparkPost

MailWizz's integration with Sparkpost is top-notch! As an email marketer, I've used many email sending services and Sparkpost is one of the best in terms of deliverability rates. The MailWizz-Sparkpost integration makes it easy to send and track email campaigns, and the detailed reports give me valuable insights into my audience engagement.

- Michael Johnson, Email Marketer.

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