Amazon AWS

Learn how you can use MailWizz on a AWS VPS.

What is AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the cloud service platform created by Amazon which is used by thousand businesses each day.
Beside data centers available worldwide, their features list contains virtual private servers, network tools, managed databases, storage, developer tools, machine learning, internet of things, and much more. It is an entire ecosystem for developers and companies to scale their businesses.

AWS VPS pricing

It's worth to note that AWS is free to try for the first year, of course, with various limitations and restrictions, but this is a great way to test drive the platform and see how it can help you, you might find yourself using more services than you would expect.
Once you are ready to get a larger VPS, you can check their pricing page to see available pricing types and VPS sizes.
While the prices are hourly based, there will be at most 720 hours in a month you get charged for, so it's relatively easy to calculate the hourly rate and see how much to expect at the end of the month.
That being said, it is strongly recommended you carefully read the pricing page to make sure you clearly understand it.

Using MailWizz on AWS

The virtual private servers, which AWS calls EC2 instances, are unmanaged, which means you will have to install all the needed software and maintain the VPS during its lifetime.
For MailWizz to work in a virtual private server from AWS, that is, in a EC2 instance, you will need to install a web server, either nginx or apache, we suggest installing nginx, then you will need to install the programming language that powers MailWizz, that is PHP, and as the last step, you will need to install either MySQL or MariaDB where MailWizz will store all its data.
This type of work is generally done by a system administrator which has experience working with the above software in linux, therefore we advise you to either hire a system administrator to do this for you.
As far as selecting a EC2 instance to run MailWizz on, we recommend using a EC2 instance with at least 2 VCPU and 4GB RAM, a t3.medium instance is a good choice to get started with AWS and MailWizz.

Amazon Web Services also offers Simple Email Service(SES) for which MailWizz has a special integration and if used from inside a EC2 instance will give you a higher delivery speed, better bounce and complaints management, but also a number of free emails each month.

Do you have questions?

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