Google Cloud

Learn how you can use MailWizz on a Google Cloud VPS.

What is Google Cloud

Google Cloud is the cloud infrastructure solution provided by Google, which has data centers available worldwide but also a wide selection of additional services, like cloud storage, managed databases, management tools, network tools, developer tools or wide range of operating systems to choose from for your virtual private server.
As far as available virtual server types, which they call virtual machines, they offer standard virtual machines, high memory virtual machines, high CPU virtual machines and also the ability for custom virtual machines sizes.

Google Cloud VPS pricing

You can test drive Google Cloud by using one of the general purpose virtual machines they offer, for example, their n1-standard-1 virtual machine which offers 1 VCPU and 3.75GB RAM is priced at almost $25.00/month. For anything more serious than just a simple test drive to see how their platform and network works, we advise using a virtual machine with much more resources.
Since their pricing structure might be a bit confusing for people, you should check out their pricing page and make sure you understand it correctly.

Using MailWizz on Google Cloud

Since Google Cloud is a unmanaged virtual server provider, it is up to you to properly configure and maintain the virtual server you buy from them.
At its core, MailWizz is a web based email marketing software, which means in order to run, it needs a web server, we recommend installing nginx, then it will need PHP, the programming language that powers it, preferably latest version and finally MySQL/MariaDB which is the database server where MailWizz will store all your data.
Installing all these is not an easy task, and getting everything in place and correct is even more difficult, therefore we recommend you hire a system administrator to do all this for you.
When selecting a virtual machine size to get started, we recommend using a high CPU virtual machine type with at least 2 VCPU and 4GB RAM, n2-highcpu-4 is a good choice to get started with Google Cloud and MailWizz.

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