Learn how you can use MailWizz on a Linode VPS.

What is Linode

Linode is one of the largest and most reliable virtual servers provider, offering worldwide data centers and a large selection of virtual server types and operating systems. Beside virtual private servers, which they call linodes and come in different sizes, Linode has many other features, they offer tools to develop, deploy and scale your infrastructure. Their products page show all the products and tools they offer.

Linode VPS pricing

You can test drive Linode by using their smallest VPS offer, which is just $5.00/month and you get 1 VCPU and 1 GB RAM.
For anything serious though, you will need more resources, and Linode can offer standard linodes, dedicated CPU linodes, memory optimized linodes or even GPU optimized linodes, each of them with plenty of allowed traffic which makes them well suited for running an email marketing software such as MailWizz.
With so many types of linodes available, you can easily find the right one matching your budget and business needs.

Using MailWizz on Linode

Linode is a unmanaged virtual server provider, which means they will offer you the VPS and it is up to you to configure and manage it.
In order to run MailWizz on Linode, you will need to install a web server, we recommend installing nginx, then you will need to install the programming language that powers MailWizz, that is PHP, preferably latest version and finally MySQL/MariaDB which is the database server where MailWizz will store all your data.
Since installing all these can be a pretty complex task if you don't have enough experience, we recommend you hire a system administrator to do all this for you.
When selecting a linode size to get started, we recommend using a dedicated CPU linode with at least 2 VCPU and 4GB RAM.

Do you have questions?

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