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Deceptive site ahead

Why do I see this warning while visiting one of my websites?

A quick Google search will reveal plenty articles that explain in great detail why you can get this warning when visiting your website. There are many reasons and we will not go through all of them since they have been covered properly in the references we included at the bottom of this article.

Most common reason, which is explained in most articles you will find, is that one of your websites, in your hosting account, has been hacked, and the attacker either modified it to trick visitors into doing dangerous actions or the attacker loaded files into the website which will be downloaded by visitors to harm their computers.

Another reason, which is not discussed that much, is that your website is hosted on a potentially bad network.
If your website is hosted on a shared IP address, together with thousand other websites, and out of all those websites, one or more, are engaged in fraudulent activities, then there are very high chances any website hosted on that IP address can see this warning as well.
When you are not using shared hosting, but instead you use your own VPS or Dedicated Server, where the IP addresses are used only by you, always check your IP addresses after you acquire them, since you can inherit an IP address which has been flagged in the past, which in turn can trigger the warning, even if you did not do anything wrong.

Beside the above, using a reverse proxy service, such as Cloudflare, means you can be on a bad network as well, given specific circumstances. These services work by forwarding traffic from their servers to yours, which means they can use same IP addresses for all their clients, which in turn means that if one of their clients is engaged in fraudulent activities, then any website served from the same IP address can see the above warning as well.

If you see this warning while visiting your website, we recommend using a service like to understand why your website shows this warning and if you are on a bad network.
Having your domain registered with the Google Search Console will help you see more details as well.
If your website was indeed hacked, we recommend you clean it and then submit it to Google Safe Browsing in order to be removed from the list.
If you think your website has been listed by mistake, then simply report the mistake to Google Safe Browsing website.

As far as MailWizz usage goes, it is very important to follow the email marketing best practices, since your domain can be reported by one of your customers/subscribers.
Do not send unsolicited emails, avoid being listed in any blacklist, check your emails scores regularly, with a tool like mail-tester and register your domain with Google Search Console.
We found out that, if at some point one of your sent emails was containing an url to a domain considered malicious by Google Safe Browsing, your domain can be listed as well.

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