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Email Box Monitors

An email box monitor is simply an imap/pop3 account, just like a bounce or feedback loop server, where MailWizz will connect from time to time and download the contents and process them in order to take a certain action.

You can define conditions so that while MailWizz processes the emails found in the account, it will take certain actions if it finds certain content. For example, you can tell it to unsubscribe subscribers from the email list in case it finds the phrase “unsubscribe me”. This feature is really useful when people reply to your email campaigns and tell you to unsubscribe them for example. This way you will spare valuable time since the process can be automated.
You can enable it for your customers from Backend->Settings->Customers->Servers. Set the ‘Max. email box monitors‘ field to a value higher than 0. If you set it to -1, it will allow unlimited email box monitors per customer. In the admin (backend) area you will always be able to add them.

Setting the number of email box monitors per customer

In order for this feature to work you will need to add the cronjobs related to it, as instructed in the image below (this modal appears by pressing the info button):

Cronjobs info