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Where do I find my API info?

In order to integrate MailWizz with 3rd-party apps or any custom apps, you can use it’s powerful API for which we also provide a PHP SDK for a quick PHP integration(you can find api docs at ).
Accessing the API requires you to generate and use a set of keys, a private and a public key. You can also limit what IP addresses can use those keys, or what IP addresses are not allowed to use the keys.
To start generating your first api keys, after logging in as a customer, from the left side menu, locate the API Keys item and click it:

Once clicked, you will see the landing page for managing your api keys:

From here you can generate a new set of public and private keys by simply pressing the “Create New” button in the page.
If you need to see what is the API url, click the INFO icon in the page: