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I am receiving unsolicited emails from MailWizz!

Here at MailWizz, we send emails rarely and always only to our own customers that bought MailWizz and opted-in for receiving such emails, so we can say for sure we’re not spamming in any way.

If you receive unsolicited emails from people that bought our application our advice is to always report those emails as spam and unsubscribe from them.
Given the popularity of MailWizz, you might get emails from people using illegal copies of our application and not from our customers.
Each MailWizz powered site has a page which allows you to remove yourself from all the email lists from that site. Here’s an example of such page: so just replace the domain with the name of the domain from where you got the email from and remove yourself from the given site.
If they continue sending you emails after all this, best is to either get in touch with them or with their hosting and have them stop sending you unsolicited emails.

Please note that there is absolutely nothing we can do to help you, you’re receiving emails from people which host MailWizz on their own servers, thus we don’t have the power to unsubscribe you nor can we act as a proxy between you them.