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Recurring Campaigns

One great feature of MailWizz is recurring campaigns, which means you can set it in a way that every 10th of each month you could send a RSS FEED campaign with latest blog posts.

But this is not all, you can even set it to send in various days of the month, or months of the year, or weeks of the year.
This is all doable because we use a cron jobs format to allow you to reschedule the campaigns to best fit your needs.
The way rescheduling works, is that when the initial campaign finishes sending, MailWizz takes it’s Schedule At/Send At field, which is the date/time when the campaign should be initially sent and adds the right amount of time on top of it.

Please note, you have to schedule your campaign to be sent after the recurring date otherwise you might be caught off guard by the fact MailWizz will send to campaigns one after another, which makes sense.
To explain this in details, if you want to send a recurring campaign each 10th of the month, then you have to schedule your campaign to be sent at least on 10th of the current month, othewise, if you, for example, set it to be sent on 9th, then it will finish on 9th of the month and will check what is the next date to be sent, will see that is 10th and it will send again, which as you see, will result a campaign being sent twice in a short interval of time.