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Redirect the subscriber to a custom thank you page after subscribe.

In order to redirect the subscriber to another page than the default one from MailWizz after he subscribes, you have to follow a few simple steps.
First, you have to enable the “List form custom redirect” extension which is disabled by default.
You can find it in Backend > Extend > Extensions > Core Extensions. This is how it looks when it is enabled:

Once the extension is enabled, you can login as a customer and go to your email lists and select your desired list for which you want to redirect the subscriber to the custom thank you page. From the list overview area, click the Pages box:

Then select the “Subscription confirmed page”:

And finally, now you will see the field where you can enter the redirect url to your own thank you page:

After you enter your desired url, save the changes. That’s it, now after subscription to this list, the subscriber will be redirected to the page of your choice.
Please note that you can also add all the list custom fields in the url of the thank you page, i.e: