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Starting with version 1.8.1, we added the Survey functionality.
Now you will able to collect data from a pre-defined group of responders to gain information and insights on various topics of interest.
Let’s start by creating a new Survey in the customer area:

Creating a new survey

First we will fill in some general things about the survey. They are pretty explanatory and also the form contains meaningful help texts:

Survey General Info

Once you saved this form you will be presented to a screen from where you will start adding the survey fields. This is pretty similar with how the Lists custom fields works.

Adding surveys fields

Your survey is ready to be used. From the ‘Overview‘ section you can see how it is going to look clicking ‘View’ (the URL of the view will be used as explained below in the campaign template):



Clicking the ‘Responders‘ box in the Overview, will show you details about the responders. The ‘Segments‘ section is working exactly as the ‘Lists Segments’ section. Segments allow to break down the surveys results based on fields value, basically this is a filter that applies to survey responses.
For example if you have a custom field that stores the country of the responder, then you can easily create a segment to include responders only from certain(s) country(es) and so on.
In order to setup a segment, you create one and you add conditions, simple.

You will want to send Surveys to your subscribers. To achieve this you will be using the sending Campaigns flow to your lists. All you have to do is to include your survey link as a tag inside the campaign template like this (check available tags for the campaigns templates):


This will generate an url containing also the subscriber id, so we will be able to track the subscriber responses.
This feature will be improved in the future with more options.