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This article is about the following error message that you get in your MailWizz dashboard:

{"errors":{"license_key":"This license is already registered to another MailWizz instance"},"message":"General error","status":"error"}

Why do I get this error?

You get this error when MailWizz validates your license key, and the license key is already in use on a different MailWizz instance.

Why does this happen?

When you install MailWizz for the first time, your license key will be bound to your hosting environment and your MailWizz instance. If you then move your MailWizz instance to a different hosting environment, your license will not match anymore and this error will be triggered.

How can I fix this?

Luckily, the fix is simple.
Just head out to our Reset License page, enter your license key and hit the Reset License button.
This will reset your license, then you can use it in your current environment, be it in a new install, or just to update your license info from within your application, in Backend > Settings > License Info (add your license key once again and save your changes).

How can I avoid this error in future?

This error can easily be avoided if you reset your license each time when you re-install your MailWizz application or when you migrate it to a different hosting environment.