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Timewarp is a feature that schedules email campaigns based on each individual subscriber’s time zone, so subscribers receive your scheduled campaigns at the correct time for them. We use the subscriber ip address in order to detect the right user timezone. For IPS where we cannot detect the timezone, we assume the timezone is UTC.

By default this feature is disabled and can be enabled globally or per customer group, thus you can enable it from Backend > Settings > Customer > Campaigns and same path for customer groups.
Please note that you have to schedule your campaign with at least 24 hours in advance for this to work properly. This feature only works for regular campaigns.

If you are using queue tables for sending avoid enabling this feature. While it might work in most of the cases, in some cases sending might stale for hours in order to wait for a subscriber to match the right timezone.
Please note that because we join two possible big tables, that is, list subscribers and ip locations for getting the subscribers, the performance might degrade a lot while using this feature.

This feature is available since MailWizz 1.5.2 and requires PHP >= 5.4 and you also must have the MaxMind IP Location extension enabled and setup on your server.
All your ip location records must have the timezone and timezone offsets updated.
In order to do this, we included a console command which you can run:

/usr/bin/php -q apps/console/console.php update-ip-location-timezone --verbose=1

You have to run this command only once, after this MailWizz will be able to keep the records up to date.