How to report spam emails

Learn how and where to reports spam emails

We know it is very frustrating to fight spam emails, it always seems like a never ending battle. But don't despair, there are always ways to fight back, and it is not a difficult process.

We created and maintain our self-hosted email marketing system with our best intentions. We want to help our customers achieve their business goals in a fair and law abiding manner. This is why our system will offer all the tools needed so that our customers will send emails in a legal way. Our system allows our customers to follow the international legislation related to emailing. It makes it easy to honour subscribers requests for email lists removal.

Note that we, as a company, do not host our customers to send emails. We sell the email marketing application, with good intent. We have no way to control how our customers use the application.

Also keep in mind that web applications, are often pirated. Ours makes no exception, unfortunately. Which means whomever get a hold of such copy can use it with bad intent. We do our best to always fight against such bad practices given our available means.

With the above out of the way, we can see how we can report spam.
If you ever receive emails from email addresses you do not know, you should first of all report such emails as spam.
If you have never registered in an email list from where you get emails, that's no doubt spam. And you have to treat it like so by reporting it.
Reporting spam is simple. Each email provider, via its web interface, will allow you to report emails as spam. Email clients, as well, will offer such ability.
Additionally, you have to look at the email you consider spam and see if it offers a link to unsubscribe. If it does, try to use it to unsubscribe.

For some of emails you get, you might have subscribed a while back and now you want to have them unsubscribe you.
You always should have a link in your email footer which should allow you to unsubscribe. If you don't find such link, then the email is spam, report it.
Sometimes, you unsubscribe from a email list, only to receive emails from that email list a week later. If that's the case, this is spam, report it and try to unsubscribe again.

One of the worst spam types is when you unsubscribe from a email list but you still get emails, over and over again.
This happens when your unsubscribe request is not honoured. And it's a very common practice by spammers.
We are aware of this practice, and we ship our application with a public page where you can add your email address. This will make sure you will never receive any email communication anymore. The system will add the email address in a global blacklist.
Finding the page which will allow you to do this is simple, if the links in the email point to a domain, let's say, then you should find the page at, if the address has a sub-folder in its url, like then you should find the page at
Appending /index.php/lists/block-address in the url of the offending domain will show you the page.

You should also know, there is a internet organisation which will help you fight against spam. That is SpamCop.
Do not be afraid to report spam at SpamCop, the purpose of the organisation is to help fight spam.
You should report to SpamCop if you feel you have done everything else in your power to stop spam. If you did, then report it to SpamCop. SpamCop will forward your request to the right authorities. And they have the power to block the spamming source.

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