Email Tools

Our suite of Email Tools to help you with SPF, DKIM and DMARC Records but also Blacklist Checks and MX Lookup
SPF Record Generator

SPF Record Generator: Effortlessly create SPF records to boost your domain's email authenticity and …

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DMARC record generator

Quickly authenticate emails with our DMARC Record Generator to enhance email deliverability and …

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DKIM Checker Tool

MailWizz’s DKIM Checker Tool ensures your email security by verifying DKIM records instantly. Boost …

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MX Record Lookup

Our MX Record Lookup tool will help you list your domain MX records and make sure they are correct.

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Blacklist Check

The Blacklist Check tool will help you check your mail server IP address to see if it is listed in a …

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DMARC Lookup

The DMARC Lookup tool will query your domain DNS records specifically for the DMARC record.

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