Blacklist Check

The Blacklist Check tool will help you check your mail server IP address to see if it is listed in a blacklist.
Blacklist Check
MailWizz's Blacklist Check provides real-time scanning across 50+ blacklists, helping you ensure your mail server IP maintains a clean reputation for email delivery.
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Blacklist Check FAQs

What is the Blacklist Check tool?
It's a diagnostic tool that checks if your mail server IP address has been listed on any blacklists, which can affect your email deliverability and reputation.
Why would my mail server IP be blacklisted?
IPs can be blacklisted due to suspected spamming activity, being part of a botnet, or sending emails to honeytrap addresses.
How can I remove my mail server IP from a blacklist?
Removal processes vary by blacklist but generally involve requesting removal after addressing the issues that led to the listing.
How do blacklists impact email deliverability?
Being on a blacklist can lead to your emails being blocked or filtered by ISPs and email service providers, affecting your reach.
Is it possible to be proactive in avoiding blacklists?
Yes, regular monitoring with tools like MailWizz's Blacklist Check, following best email practices, and maintaining a good sending reputation can help avoid blacklisting.

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