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MailWizz’s DKIM Checker Tool ensures your email security by verifying DKIM records instantly. Boost your email deliverability today!

Check your domain's SPF and DKIM records

Use MailWizz's DKIM Checker to ensure your email security. Instantly validate your domain's DKIM DNS records for accurate email authentication and to boost deliverability. Keep your email reputation strong with our reliable DKIM verification tool.
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Common DKIM Checker FAQs

What does a DKIM Record Checker do?

A DKIM Checker verifies the validity of a domain's DKIM record, which is essential for email authentication and spam prevention. It checks for the presence of the DKIM record, ensures the DKIM record syntax is correctly formatted, and identifies any configuration errors that might affect email authentication and integrity. By confirming the DKIM record is set up properly, this tool helps improve email deliverability and domain reputation, making it less likely for emails to be marked as spam or phishing by recipient servers.

Why is DKIM important for email security?

DKIM prevents email spoofing by allowing the receiver to check that an email claimed to have come from a specific domain was indeed authorized by the owner of that domain. DKIM is often used alongside Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance (DMARC) policies. When used together, these standards provide a robust defense against email-based threats, enhancing the overall security of email communication.

Does checking a DKIM record improve deliverability rates?

By ensuring that an email genuinely originates from the domain it claims to represent and its contents haven't been tampered with during transit, DKIM builds trust with email service providers. This trust translates into higher deliverability rates, as verified emails are more likely to be delivered to the recipient's inbox instead of being filtered out or rejected, thereby enhancing the overall effectiveness of email communication.

How often should DKIM records be checked?

You should check DKIM records whenever you update your email sending services or suspect issues with email deliverability.

What if my DKIM check fails?

If the DKIM check fails, review your DNS records for accuracy, and update them as needed to ensure proper DKIM setup.

Can I check multiple DKIM selectors with MailWizz's DKIM Checker?

Yes, MailWizz's DKIM Record Checker tool allows you to check different DKIM selectors for comprehensive domain analysis.

What is a DKIM selector and how do I find it?

When an email is sent, it includes a DKIM signature in its headers, created using a private key. The DKIM selector is part of this signature, acting as an identifier that points to the precise DNS record holding the corresponding DKIM public key needed to verify the signature.
Here are two methods to find your selector for a DKIM record lookup:
Check Email Headers: Inspect the headers of an email sent from your domain for a DKIM-Signature line. The s= field within this line indicates your selector (e.g., s=selector1).
Consult Your Email Service Provider (ESP): Look in your ESP's domain or email authentication settings, where the DKIM selector is often listed.

What is the purpose of the DKIM signature?

A digital signature linked to the domain’s DNS records is attached to each outgoing email message. When an email is received, the recipient's mail server checks this signature against the public key published in the sender's DNS records. If the signature is valid, it proves that the email was not altered in transit and that it genuinely originates from the specified domain.

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